About us



We are a team composed of committed, diligent, and respectful professionals who is searching the holy grail of essence. We are passionate about medicinal plants, sustainability, and eco-industrial symbiosis. We strive to produce highest quality hemp and other botanical products and formulate them so they interact optimally with humans.

We believe that each and every citizen has the right to achieve wellbeing. Health, happiness, calmness, prosperity, and freedom are the key elements for us to reach this desired state of mind. That’s why with the help of our wholesale and white label partners we bring our products to the market and make them available for each and every European citizen to improve their well-being. Now and for future generations.



Our journey began in 2014 when we were blown away by the impact of CO2 extracts. We soon also discovered the CBD health benefits and effects it had on our family’s and friend’s well-being. We were compelled to share this with a larger audience, and so Essentia Pura was born. Founded on a love of nature, we built our company based on values of relationships, quality, excellence, commitment, integrity, kindness, and sustainability.


We always deliver what has been promised and agreed on. Being committed to transparency and traceability we can assure that the ingredients in the products which customers get from us correspond to what is written on the label. The promise we keep throughout our entire production process is: “from the farm, to the lab, to you”. Once the order has been placed, the customer can be assured they will receive what they have paid for.

To keep our promise, our manufacturing, production and fulfilment processes are based on the following pillars:

To achieve this, we have build our manufacturing, production, and fulfilment process based on following pillars.


For both our customers and ourselves production quality is of paramount importance. The highest standards are met, and the manufacturing is performed in a highly controlled environment by a team experienced in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries. This enables us to offer our


We follow the strictest guidelines throughout the manufacturing process. We control the entire supply chain and are able to consistently deliver natural products to our customers. Each product contains ingredients of guaranteed quality. This is what our customers are used to and what they pay for.


Because of the increasing number of CBD products which are available (many of which are fraudulent), customers want / require to be certain that they are buying a product that is fully compliant with all the applicable regulations. This is accomplished by lab-testing our products twice before they are allowed to leave our facility.


Nejc Rusjan, MSc Master of Science in Strategy, Innovation, and Management Control Managing Director

Nejc Rusjan, MSc

Master of Science in Strategy and Innovation
Managing Director


Manca Bolčina, M. Pharm.

Master of Pharmacy
Head of Research & Development



Our facility is located in Western Slovenia at the interaction of the Mediterranean and alpine climate, nestled in the agricultural region of Vipava Valley. As a CBD supplier, we have built our plant as a multipurpose facility, which serves our customers as a one-stop, full-service provider. As the CBD market continues to grow, so do we. With our manufacturing and warehouse space, we’re capable of safely manufacturing, storing, tracking, and distributing our products worldwide.


Sophisticated extraction is the key to obtaining the purest extracts, free from solvents and toxins. That’s why we use supercritical CO2 extraction, which is a high-tech extraction process in which extraction is performed in a supercritical state of CO2 behaving as a liquid but with a diffusivity and surface tension as a gas, making it a very efficient penetration and extraction media.

Applying high pressures and low temperatures, we very precisely extract and save all the active compounds that a plant has. Beneficial biological ingredients, which are often lost in other extraction methods, are preserved and the result is a pure, powerful, and natural extract.

CO2 extraction benefits

  • non-toxic (GRAS status)
  • antibacterial
  • free of impurities
  • used in food products without any restrictions (no dangerous residues)
  • has the highest market acceptance
  • less post-processing steps

 Another beauty of CO2 extraction method is that the resulting extract has an aroma closer to the natural plant than a steam distilled essential oil.


The quality and compliance of both raw materials and final products is tested and traceable according to the high standards using supercritical chromatography system UPC2 by Waters Inc. We also cooperate with specialised laboratories that subject all our products to strict tests for impurities and intoxicants. Our products undergo a rigorous quality assurance process including stability checks. In this way we can guarantee the consistency of our products and the production that is in accordance with laboratory conditions.

IKA Rotary Evaporators Rotary evaporator distilling distillation Separation
Waters Acquity H-Class UPLC


We formulate botanical extracts in such a way, so they best interact with the human body and always strive to offer exceptional customer experience. Our customers choose us as we:

Use Unique & Innovative Extraction Method

Although supercritical CO2 extraction has been in use already for decades, we managed to develop unique extraction methods with which we very precisely extract and save all the active compounds that a plant has. Beneficial biological ingredients, which are often lost in other extraction methods, are preserved and the result is a pure, powerful, and natural extract.


For example, our signature product is full-spectrum CBD oil, which imparts only naturally occurring ingredients. That means it contains the full spectrum of phytocannabinoids, flavonoids, phenols, and terpenes that are naturally present in the hemp plant, including CBD, cannabichromene (CBC), cannabigerol (CBG), cannabidivarin (CBDV), and ß-caryophyllene (BCP). All these compounds are guaranteed to have been extracted from the natural plant only, and none of our products contain added artificial colors, aromas or preservatives. Also, our unique and innovative post-extraction process allows us to remove the undesired waxes and resins without the use of alcoholic solvents.

Produce on Demand

With our lean manufacturing process we can start producing the products once the clients submit their orders so they receive the freshest products from the most recent production batch.

Are Flexible

A boutique and a flexible firm as we are can really focus on addressing our client’s needs. We offer products and services for each and every scale. We create differentiated products specific to our customer’s needs, no matter how easy, complex, small, or large they may be. Our team goes to great lengths to ensure that all the needs are met so our clients can quickly gain market insights with low financial exposure.

Use Agile Approach

Using agile approach to the way of doing helps us to deliver value to our clients faster and with fewer headaches. We can develop new products in a very short period of time from the first ideas to screening, design, testing, and launch. This offers our clients to quickly adapt to the latest industry trends and promptly gain the consumer’s feedback.

Care for Our Customers

We welcome each and every client no matter how big or small it is. We care for each and every order no matter what the order value is. We even offer our clients to jointly develop unique products through a collaborative product development process. This gives our clients the feeling as they have produced or made the products by themselves.

Offer Great Price to Quality Ratio

Our aim is to create best products in the world and products we are proud to sell and would recommend to family and friends. We want to do that at the lowest prices we can but there are costs that come along the way to our goal. That’s why we believe that we offer you the best price to quality ratio for our products as we would not be proud to ship products that we cannot recommend to our loved ones.

Can Customize

Clients can work directly with our research and development team through a collaborative product development process to create unique and exclusive products. This offers our clients to differentiate their products on the existing market and tap into high profit market niches not exploited by big corporations.


We believe that innovation can improve the positioning of both our clients and us in the market. It adds significant value to our products and services, which is essential for obtaining a competitive advantage. Innovation allows us to offer value to our clients, improves our product features, and increases customer satisfaction.