CBD Wholesale in Europe and White Label CBD

Struggling to find a trustworthy CBD Wholesale & White Label CBD Supplier in Europe to meet your CBD needs?

Then search no further. Essentia Pura™ is an EU-based manufacturer of full-spectrum oils and other CBD products from hemp. We offer our merchandise in wholesale and bulk quantities, but also as white label and private label products. All Essentia Pura™ CBD products are exclusively manufactured in Europe, using supercritical CO2 processing of EU-certified hemp. That method delivers a product that contains all of hemp’s natural terpenes, flavonoids, and – of course – cannabinoids to ensure an entourage effect.

We control the entire supply chain – from raw material sourcing to the most effective production method. This enables us to provide our customers with consistent CBD products of unmatched quality and purity.



Heiko: "Essentia Pura work with us providing Great quality oils for a reasonable price. The team at Essentia pura is extremely helpful and were more than willing to help with our requests and questions. Cant recommend them highly enough!"


CBD Pharm: "Essentia Pura is a trusted partner in all aspects of business cooperation. Communication running promptly. Mr. Nejc Rusjan is a trusted person who is willing to help and answer all technical and commercial doubts. Cooperation with Essentia Pura is for our company one of the best case join venture business. Honestly, if only this kind of business partner would exist, the world would be much nicer!"


Hooly Hemp: "A professional and reliable Company that I have only but a good experience working with. Very Good products and quality and good communication. Recommended!"


CannaBoss: "Fantastic quality, service, and value for money! Our clients are very happy with the quality of our products. Essentia Pura team has one of the fastest lead times we've seen, dealing with our custom orders. We couldn't be happier to have partnered up with them!"


De Groene Piraat: "I have been working with Essentia Pura for more than a year now. They are our most qualitative supplier of CBD oil for our brand. We had the quality compared with other suppliers all over Europa and Essentia always came out on top. Quality in delivery and communication is 10/10 - Great doing business with Borut and the rest of the Essentia Pura team!"


Hempcopia: "After many companies, we chose Essentia Pura. Continuous communication, satisfactory answers to all our questions, quick answers, flexible delivery and excellent products. I use and distributors, and based on the experience of the highest quality beats quality brands! Our brand the CBDundHEMP products are made from Esstentia Pura CBD"


Esprit Nature Products: "Essentia Pura has been very friendly and correct! I have been working with them since July. The products are of very high quality. I would recommend them if you want good products and a great business relation. Communication is top!"


Sariwa: "Essentia works very professionally and reliably. The quality of service, fast product delivery and advice are excellent. When it comes to processing CBD, Essentia is a good partner."

Balli Go

Balli Go: "Essentia Pura is a great choice if you would like to get high-quality CBD for your products at a reasonable price with fast delivery.
I am very thankful especially to Borut Osterman for helping me to choose the best products and leaving my clients so satisfied! Keep up the good job, guys!"

CBD Bible Logo

CBD bible: "An excellent CBD supplier using cutting edge technology and a member of the CTA. Higly recommend!"

CBD Drop

CBD Drop: "Very professional and friendly company. They furnished everything according to my ideas. Products with very good quality so I recommend Essentia Pura to everyone and I look forward to further cooperation. Special thanks to Borut for handling my requests."

Benedictus Logo

Benedictus: "The Essentia Pura CBD isolate is of superb quality! We are a high end food supplement manufacturer and so quality of the products is of the outmost importance to us. We are more than satisfied with what the Essentia Pura has to offer. The customer feedback is great, many of them emphasise the positive effect of the CBD. Great communication and short delivery times are a plus, Essentia Pura has it all. Thank you!"

EIT Group (DR2)

EIT Group (DR2): "We did our research for CBD supplier very strictly and we choose Essentia Pura for a partner, because they managed everything as we needed. Also communication is extremely polite. We like it very much. We sell premium CBD oils, so, of course, we have tested theirs products in a lab chosen by us. Results (quality and %) stand the same as Essentia Pura promised, which is the most important for us and our customers. They also answer all our questions. We highly recommend them as a supplier of CBD products in European Union."

Mastičky z travičky

Mastičky z travičky: "Very pleasant and helpful customer service. CBD oils have a nice aroma. Transport is fast and everything is safely packed.
Overall, i am very satisfied with Essentia Pura and i look forward to further cooperation."


CBD710: "Our company could not be more satisfied working with Essentia Pura. Very professional attitude, purest products with highest quality. Excellent customer service who will not let you wait for response longer than 1 day. Highly recommend this company!"


PHI Organics: "Phi Organics has been working with them for some time now, the experience has been always great, they are fast responders and easy to deal with, totally recommended. Special thanks to Borut, who has been always most helpful and easy to reach. No need to mention we and our clients love their products!"

Artcit Oils

Arctic Oils: "Essentia Pura is a partner of the highest quality. Not only is their product quality top-notch, but their sales team is always ready to help with short notice. With their help, we built our product line up consisting of the most premium quality CBD oils in the Nordics - the Arctic Oils CBD oils. We look forward to innovating new products together with the team at Essentia Pura."


ETHOS Inc.: "Essentia Pura has helped us kickstart our small CBD online retailer business off. They have been very professional,
as well as helpful when we were having delivery troubles. Would recommend their services, alongside their excellent products."

pure CBD

pure CBD: "Top Quality CBD. Thanks to Borut for the great experience and professionalism."

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cbd oil private label service

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Wholesale

Essentia Pura™ Full-Spectrum Gold CBD Oil imparts only naturally occurring ingredients. That means it contains the full spectrum of phytocannabinoids, flavonoids, phenols, and terpenes that are naturally present in the hemp plant, including CBD, cannabichromene (CBC), cannabigerol (CBG), cannabidivarin (CBDV), and ß-caryophyllene (BCP). All these compounds are guaranteed to have been extracted from the natural plant only, and none of our products contain added artificial colors, aromas or preservatives.

Our sortiment is produced from decarboxylated supercritical CO2 hemp extract or resin, which is then diluted in a carrier oil of your choice, such as MCT or hemp seed oil. Our unique and innovative post-extraction process allows us to remove the undesired waxes and resins without the use of alcoholic solvents. The end result is our Full-Spectrum Gold CBD Oil of highest purity, which is our flagship CBD wholesale product.

Standardized concentrations available: 5% to 30% / Other concentrations upon request.

Standard white label bottles: 10 ml and 30 ml

Bulk packaging: from 100 ml to 20 L

broad spectrum cbd oil white label

Broad-Spectrum THC-Free CBD Oil Wholesale

Essentia Pura™ Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil is available in wholesale and has zero % THC concentration. But it still contains a broad range of phytocannabinoids, including CBD, CBG, and CBN. Other bio-active compounds that are found in industrial hemp, such as terpenes, are further ingredients.

Our broad-spectrum THC-free oil is produced from a decarboxylated CBD extract distillate, which is then diluted in a carrier oil of your choice. The end result is a very pure, golden-colored oil with zero % THC content.

Standard concentrations available: 5% to 30% / Other concentrations upon request.

Standard white label bottles: 10 ml and 30 ml

Bulk packaging: from 100 ml to 20 L

cbd softgels white label

Broad-spectrum CBD Softgels

Essentia Pura™ Broad-Spectrum CBD Softgels offer one of the easiest and most convenient ways to consume the desired daily dose. These softgels are designed for those users who want to avoid the taste of cannabidiol oil but still need a fast-acting form of the substance. Product dosing is simple and quick, the active ingredient releasing rapidly.

Essentia Pura™ Broad-Spectrum CBD Softgels are infused with broad-spectrum CBD extract (and not CBD isolate), meaning that they are saturated with the broad spectrum of phytocannabinoids, flavonoids, phenols, and terpenes as they are occurring naturally in the cannabis plant. All these ingredients harmoniously complement one another, inducing what is known as the entourage effect.

Standardized CBD content available: 30mg per softgel unit.

CBD Isolate Gummies

A fun alternative to CBD Soft gels, the sugar-coated gummies are meant for accurate single dosing of CBD. The CBD gummies are made from pectin instead of gelatine, making it a great option for vegans. Essentia Pura CBD gummies are THC Free and contain no artificial flavors or colorings.

Infused with CBD isolate, you can find Essentia Pura CBD gummies in 4 different, all-natural flavors:

Lemon, Watermelon, Mango, Apple.

Standardized CBD content available: 25mg per softgel unit.

Full-Spectrum CBD Paste

Essentia Pura™ Full-Spectrum CBD Paste is made by processing EU-certified hemp under the supercritical CO2 extraction method. The resulting oil is then mixed with coconut butter, which makes for better and more user-friendly consumption.

It is formulated in a way that maximizes the full spectrum of substances contained in hemp extract, such as phytocannabinoids, flavonoids, phenols, and terpenes. It also provides a higher CBD concentration than our other products and is normally used by consumers who require higher dosages.

Standardized concentrations available: 20% to 50% / Other concentrations upon request.

Standard white label syringe size: 5 ml

cbd distillate

Bulk CBD Ingredients

Are you a manufacturer of pharmaceuticals, food products, cosmetic products, nutraceuticals, vape liquids, or any other relevant merchandise and would like to join other leading consumer brands that already use CBD ingredients supplied by Essentia Pura™ in their products?

If so, please click the below button and discover our huge range of bulk CBD ingredients, including regular and water soluble CBD isolate and THC-free distillate but also water soluble CBG isolate and many others.

Bulk CBD ingredient orders are exclusively intended for the B2B customer and are uncompromisingly compliant with the highest manufacturing standards in accordance with GMP ISO 9001:2015.

CBD Skin Care & CBD Cosmetic Products

Essentia Pura™maintains strong partnerships with renowned cosmetic producers in Europe, which are using our quality-proven, full-spectrum CBD extracts in the development and manufacturing of their products.

Our product range currently includes 5 pre-existing proven formulas ready to be marketed under your brand name and with your own logo. These include a night cream, day cream, body lotion, body butter, and balm.

Alternatively, we are in a position to offer you a cosmetics contract manufacturing arrangement, as well as developing your own proprietary formulas, including packaging design. The benefits of these services will help your marketplace differentiation as you now will be able to carry CBD products that are entirely unique to your brand.

Private label CBD

Private Label CBD Service

The Essentia Pura™ Private Label CBD Program allows you to uniquely position your CBD business in this fast-growing industry and sell CBD oils and other CBD products under your own private label.

With our program, you have the freedom to derive and perfect your very own formulas in collaboration with our dedicated research & development team. Quite similar to our White Label CBD Program, here, you likewise have the option to design your own packaging for your unique CBD products that we have manufactured exclusively for you.

By joining the program you automatically gain instant access to our know-how, expertise, and world-class customer service.


White Label CBD

The Essentia Pura™ White Label CBD Program offers you the opportunity to re-brand our retail-ready products as your own, giving you the freedom to determine your own sales price to grow your enterprise.

The program gives you the choice of whether you either want to purchase only blank bottles filled with our CBD oils and other retail-ready solutions, or whether you rather want us to labeled and/or box them under your own branding.

Whichever option you may select, our pricing is very competitive.

Moreover, our team of experts will always support you throughout the entire process, from sourcing to the final distribution of your products. We pledge to work with you to fill the order that meets your requirements, no matter how small or large it may be.

CBD oil is an edible oil such as hemp seed oil, MCT oil or olive oil infused with a natural hemp extract, which contains Cannabidiol (CBD). CBD oil is most  commonly sold in 10 ml or 30 ml dropper bottles with pipettes.

Essentia Pura offers 3 different types of CBD oils in different CBD concentrations with selected carrier oils (e.g. hemp seed oil, MCT oil) of your choice. CBD oil can be bought in bulk packaging (1 20 L containe rs) or in white label, shelf ready 10 ml and 30 ml dropper bottles with pipettes. Private label formulations are also available.

Essentia Pura is operating within the European Union and Japan and is supplying businesses mostly involved in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and wellness industries. With a flexible approach, we supply our clients with differentiated products no matter their scale, from small webshops to industry leaders. The testi monials on our main page speak for themselves.

Starting your CBD oil company is fairly easy and straightforward. Check our guide on how to start your CBD business and then feel free to get in touch with our customer ser vice and we will get you up and running.

Yes, Essentia Pura has partnered with one of the leading fulfillment centers in Central Europe, specialized in dropshipping.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is completely legal in all EU countries. Some European  countries adopted the novel food regulation and do not allow CBD to be used as a food ingredient. For more information about the legal status of CBD in Europe you can visit our blog section.

Essentia Pura has applied for the novel food authorization through the EIHA Novel Food Consortium. You can read more about visiting Novel Food regulations.

Still not convinced?

We are among the leading CBD manufacturers in the thriving European CBD market, that’s why we are confident that you are going to like our wholesale CBD products and customer service as soon as you try them yourself.

If you’re unsure of the CBD regulations in Europe, we have created this handy resource to give an overview of the status regarding CBD in your country:

Is CBD Oil Legal in Europe? The EU Laws & Regulations Overview

We are obliged to send you a FREE sample of our quality CBD oils so you don’t have to risk anything.

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