Our Extracts

Essentia Pura provides a diverse assortment of bulk wholesale CO2 extracts. We are very careful in the raw material that we process and partner only with trustworthy suppliers from around the world to bring you botanicals grown under conditions that render the finest CO2 extracts – whether certified organic, non-organic or wildcrafted. We have extracted from Medicinal Plants and we also extract from certain Spices and Herbs. All our extracts are produced in our own facility using supercritical fluid extraction technology under the supervision of PhD expert with vast experience in food and pharmaceutical industries. Most of our CO2 extracts are oil-soluble. Some have a waxy consistency and can be liquefied by a gentle application of heat and then incorporated into any oil or fat phase. We are producing two types of extracts: the CO2-se (selective) and the CO2-to (total) extracts.