Highest quality industrial hemp extraction

Powerful yet gentle.

If you grow industrial hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.) for commercial purposes and use seeds authorized by the EU, which are specified in the EU variety list we have you covered. Using our CO2 equipment, we will extract the cannabinoids from your hemp and prepare CBD based products exclusively from your own hemp.

Supercritical CO2 extraction of hemp gives the purest CBD extracts.

As one of very few CO2 extraction facilities in Europe, we are fully equipped to process the industrial hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.). We can offer you product and process development based on our rigorous research, from the pilot phase up to the production scale. With our equipment, it is possible to adapt the extraction parameters individually and add further process steps to the crude extract, enabling us to produce customized extracts for you. The CBD extracts that we produce can be then used as a basis in food, food supplement, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries.