Extraction System

The Waters® SFE Bio-Botanical Extraction System(BBES) functions as a bulk-scale, high-pressure separator for collecting extracted compounds. It provides extraction efficiency and selective fractionation of an extract in a single run. With the SFE BBES, we got increased consistency of final product, from run-to-run. Because of the ability to run at increased pressure, extractions can happen faster – up to four times faster than in other systems – and at a decreased temperature, which means cleaner extracts due to less decarboxylation.

The whole system is constructed as flexible multipurpose system what means we are able to do extraction on demand and produced tailor made products according to client demands. The unit will operate at 31°C and up to 600 bars. The capacity of the installed unit is 2 x 10 L and we are able to process 2700 kg of raw materials per year. Essentia Pura has established its own analytical division which is able to perform high quality analytics of different oils, herbs, and natural extracts.


Main focus of supercritical extraction consists of extracts production from natural materials. All our CO2 extracts are oil-soluble. Some have a waxy consistency and can be liquefied by the gentle application of heat and then incorporated into any oil or fat phase. We are producing two types of extracts: the CO2-se (selective) and the CO2-to (total) extracts. The former are roughly comparable to traditional steam distillates (essential oils) and the latter to traditional hexane extracts (oleoresins). All plant material is naturally dried and extracted in supercritical carbon dioxide. The quality of the raw materials and final products is tested and traceabile according the high standards using super critical chromatography system UPC2 (Waters Inc.).We are producing also highly concentrated ethanol tinctureswhich are produced using ultrasonic ethanol extraction and vacuum concentrated. In production of our products CO2 (carbon dioxide) is used to extract the aromatics from plant materials instead of hydrocarbons or steam. Under high pressure, CO2 is compressed until it has the density of a liquid and becomes “supercritical” carbon dioxide – neither a gas nor a liquid. In this state, it is able act as a gentle and pure solvent. The beauty of this method of extraction is that the CO2 quickly and completely evaporates, leaving no residue and the process does not require heat. The resulting oil has an aroma closer to the natural plant than a steam distilled essential oil.Select CO2 Extraction uses a lower pressure and the resulting oil is closer to the essential oil as only the lighter aromatic components are extracted.Total CO2 Extraction uses a higher pressure which dissolves more of the constituents of the plant. The result can be thicker or waxier and more closely resembles the whole plant rather than just the essential oil fraction of the plant.

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